is an English grime artist and actor

from Enfield, North London. He is currently a member of the grime collective The Movement and is signed to Blue Colla Music.


is an English grime artist and actor from Enfield, North London

I’ve got something to lose now,” Scorcher contemplates on how dramatically his life has changed in the last few years. “There’s no room for error and being a tough guy is not going to feed my children.” Since becoming a father, Tayo ‘Scorcher’ Jarrett has found a new focus, and is ready to harness his talent for making music. Alread a firm favourite on the underground grime scene being a pioneer act in the come up of the genre, releasing countless independent projects successfully; the north London resident is now priming up for a national audience. “I make music fo people who appreciate good music and have no care for a genre. People whi like what they like.


Grime Artist and Rapper

He began his career in Cold Blooded where he became known for his “shank” bars, and would regularly attend pirate radio and work his way up through the North London grime circuit. Scorcher served a short prison sentence in 2006 for driving offences, and while in jail his mixtape Simply the Best was released and was greeted with good reviews from the grime scene. After an incident with fellow Cold Blooded member Cookie, Scorcher left Cold Blooded to concentrate on a new collective known as The Movement, which featured Scorcher alongside Wretch 32, Devlin, Mercston, and Ghetts. At this point he was involved in a momentous clash that saw him and fellow movement members go up against rival grime collective Boy Better Know. Scorcher did three dubs directed at Wiley, Jammer and Frisco. Scorcher also produces beats, and Thunder Power was a release entirely his own production. He has produced beats such as ‘Way Down The Road’, ‘Beef with T’, ‘Igloo Remix’, ‘Talk of the Ghetto’ and others which have been big through the year of 2006. Scorcher won an Official Mixtape Award for best producer in 2009 and was also nominated for best Grime mixtape of 2010.

Concrete Jungle is a 2009 debut album by Scorcher released independently. The album is seen as a critical success in electronic music,[citation needed] but a major disappointment to grime fans. The albums has spawned two singles, “I Know” and “Lipsin’ Ting”, neither of which charted. The albums has been widely anticipated by many in the grime scene, but disappointed many in the scene. It features collaborations with the likes of Wiley, J2K, and Wretch 32. The album was inspired by a short freestyle by Scorcher. The third single from the album is “Dark Knight”. His debut single, “It’s My Time”, charted on the UK R&B chart at number 38 however this led to Scorcher being released by major label Geffen Records in 2012 because the single did not sell nor chart as well as expected.


You’re Snot supposed to be living the same way year after year. In life you’re supposed to progress.